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Our last dance of the school year is coming up! Read further for some more information and things you should know!

Everyone is more than welcome to join this event! ❤️❤️

(1) Dance starts @ 6:30pm and doors open at that time…..wear WHITE to the dance to take advantage of the black lights!!

(2) Dance is over at 9:30pm…please have your rides arranged.

(3) Once you enter the dance, you will not be allowed to leave & return in.

(4) Pizza & drinks will be sold at the dance so bring $$.

(5) Bring $$ to enjoy some great food & delicious treats @ our Cool Lick Food Trick which will be at the dance.

(6) The dance is FREE to all ND students who purchased a GOLD Card….& ALL Grade 12 GRADS!! Everyone else has to pay $5.00

(7) No jackets or bags/knapsacks will be allowed in the dance and you will not be able to access your lockers…. there is a mandatory $2 coat & bag check.

(8) There are NO sign-ins for the dance, only ND students will be admitted with their student card!!

(9) Finally, the doors to enter the dance will be closed @ 7:30pm…. unless to have spoken to a VP or Mr. DeFazio and have their permission; nobody will be admitted after 7:30pm

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