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From October 29th until October 31st, Students Council will be hosting many exciting events throughout the school day! On all 3 days, every class will have the chance to participate in Halloween Bingo. Right after the morning prayer, classes will engage in an exciting bingo over the announcements. The winning class each day, will receive 70 timbits for their class to enjoy!

Notre Dame Student’s Council will also have exciting games to be played in the cafeteria during each lunch! Monday: Bobbing For Worms, Tuesday: Pumpkin Hunt, Wednesday: Photo Booth! Also on all 3 days, Candy Jar Guessing will take place.

Finally, on October 31st, Notre Dame Student’s Council will host its annual Halloween Costume Contest! All Students wishing to participate will be called down by grade during Period 2. At this time, Students will be judged and the top 4 best costumes from each grade will be selected. It is then up to the STUDENTS! During lunch, the student body will have the option to vote for the top best costume for each grade! The winner’s will be announced at the end of the day, and each winner will receive $50.00

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