November 29, 2019 0 Comments

Semi Details- The Notre Dame annual Semi-Formal will be on December the 12th at Club Roma! It’ll go from 5-10pm, and the theme this year is Winter Wonderland.

Tickets will be available on the lunches on Monday for $40 ($35 with Gold Card). Please have all contracts and seating forms returned ASAP.

Notre Dame Sports- The Notre Dame Sports teams have been on fire this week. The Senior Boys Football team crushed SOSSA and made it all the way to OFSSA, where they ultimately placed second. The Junior Boys made it to OFSSA, where they were eventually taken down.

The Junior Girls Basketball Team managed to crush SOSSA as well, while the Senior Girls made it to SOSSA and then came in second. Congratulations to all!

Pep Rally- In efforts to celebrate the achievements of the Senior Boys Football team, Student Council hosted an exciting pep rally. We had cheerleader dances, piano routines, and a rousing rendition of the Notre Dame Fight Song. Although the boys wouldn’t take OFSSA, it was a thrilling experience that excited us all.

New Nurses- We have new nurses at Notre Dame! If you need to talk to the nurse, please talk to guidance or Admin

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