The 2013-2014 Council’s biggest highlight was the creation of a Spring semi-formal in addition to our Christmas semi-formal. This year was also the first time we have held multiple spirit weeks for students, with games like announcement bingo, “name that song”, door decorating that allowed classes to win treats for their classes.

Our first dance of the year in September was themed “Rockin’ Through The Ages,” and featured music from the past 4 decades. The traditional Halloween costume contest was an outstanding success as usual, with extensive participation from both students and teachers. A winter talent show gave students a great opportunity to showcase their talents and skills in a competition to win great prizes. The spring spirit week was a 5 day free food fest, with popcorn, cotton candy, and jumbo freezies given out to students on their lunches.

Students’ Council Members & Positions 2013-2014

James Caporicci President
Anthony Graziani Vice President
Andrea Caruso Secretary
Mike Ross Treasurer
Larisa Cousineau Jr. Treasurer
Stephen Cho Jr. Representative
Shirley Andrews Jr. Representative
Bassam Dabbagh Sr. Representative
Joshua Jones Sr. Representative
Jessie Biedka Tech Co-ordinator
Mary-lynn Van Lankveld Spiritual Co-ordinator
Cassandra Willie Spirit Co-ordinator
Chris Tsiantoulas Fundraising Co-ordinator
Hannah Van Lankveld Fundraising Co-ordinator
Aiden Harold Senate Rep
Leah Zahorchak Senate Rep
Adam Hughes Promotions Co-ordinator

Students’ Council Teacher Advisors

Mr. Agi Mete Mr. Rob Purdie Ms. Joanne Mastroianni Ms. Lori Recine