Stephen Cho President
Meagan Lecompte Vice President
Sarah Shpurko Secretary
Kirtan Kadia Treasurer
Mansi Patel Jr. Treasurer
Corinna Dyer Jr. Representative
Mollie Sheptenko Jr. Representative
Braeden Chow Sr. Representative
Andreas DeChellis Sr. Representative
Ethan Makund Tech Co-ordinator
Forrest Demers Fundraising Co-ordinator
Eric Germano Fundraising Co-ordinator
Aidan Harold Senate Rep
Emma Mete Senate Rep
Chaedra Porter Promotions Co-ordinator
Zachary Meyer Promotions Co-ordinator
Ryan Wilson Spirit Co-ordinator
Michael Hoekstra Community Co-ordinator
Mary Petriw Spiritual Co-ordinator
Carson Van Vliet Arts Representative
Alyssa Girotti Social Co-ordinator
Caroline Biedka Social Co-ordinator
Miranda Smith Athletic Representative

Students’ Council Teacher Advisors

Mr.Mete Mr. Purdie Mrs. Corrizzato

Our Role in Notre Dame

The members of the Student Council are elected to represent the interests and concerns of the entire student body at Notre Dame College School. Students’ Council organizes social activities for students, liaises with Administration and helps finance a number of projects. The Council is responsible for all school dances, including the Christmas Semi-Formal, the Annual Fundraising Drive, the Activities Awards Assembly, the Grade Nine Orientation and Barbecue, and many other activities that enhance the life of the Notre Dame Community.