Heads up, Irish! Every year we host elections to select the new leaders of ND that will guide our student body and improve our school environment, and that time is here! This is YOUR opportunity to enact the change you want to see in Notre Dame and earn invaluable experience. We are looking for students dedicated to our school and community that can lead with responsibility and passion. If you think you're qualified for our positions, apply! You won't lose anything in doing so, and we would love to work with you! There are some positions that need to be applied to and you'll be elected by our team... But others, you'll have the chance to run against other candidates and run your own campaign.

Below, you can find more info for each role and how you can apply! Applications are due Friday, April 8th by 2:15. Completed (in full) applications for ALL Elected & Applied Positions MUST be handed to the Main Office!!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate and reach out to Mrs. Corrizzato @ Room 204. We can't wait to meet our new members!

Application Package

"Being on Students’ Council provides students with a fabulous opportunity to develop and grow as a leader in the school community. But this opportunity comes with a significant commitment on your part to give the TIME, ENERGY, and ENTHUSIASM necessary to be a good leader and a valuable asset to the Students’ Council team." Download the file below to fill out your application!

Junior Reps

Students that lead the junior grades and promote school spirit by being actively involved in the Student Council and school activities. Download the file below if you're interested in the position!

Senior Reps

Leaders involved with their community and represent the senior grades while being actively participating in meetings and school. More on the role below!

Financial Coordinator

Coordinates fundraisers, write cheques, be responsible for keeping accurate of all records, deals with banking procedures, and more. A financial coordinator has many duties and procedures, learn more about them below!

Fundraiser Coordinator

Coordinates the promotion and distribution of product/info, meets with fundraising companies during the summer to have them ready for September, works with other council members to plan and run the fundraisers. An awesome role to get more involved with the community, more on it below!

Social Coordinator

Organize and run all school dances, a liaison between Executive and Administration, book all entertainment and work with Student Council to provide enjoyable events, and much more exciting stuff! Learn more about it below.

Promotional Coordinator

Responsible for all the promotions required for NDSC events; create posters, social media posts, and calendars that creatively present important info, and more! If you are artsy and have your way with words, this is the job for you! Learn more about it below.

School Spirit Coordinator

Responsible for helping with all promotions and assistance with student council events; Pep Rallies and Spirit Weeks. More on it below!

Spiritual Representative

Serve as a liaison between Students' Council and Social Climate, therefore serving a significant role on Student's Council and Social Climate Animator! Duties include preparing lead prayers for meetings and events, being active in the development and formation of spiritual growth of the school. There's more to learn about it, download the file below if you're interested in it!

Tech Representative

Create digital posters, be knowledgeable with web design to update events on our awesome website, experience the function of audio and sound equipment, and create videos for NDSC. More about the interesting opportunities and duties below!

Senate Representative

Represent NDSC and the students of ND at the School Board Level as a Student Senator, a liaison between the Senate and Council, and be actively involved, attending both Senate and Council meetings while providing feedback and updates about its happenings. If you're interested in taking on this role, learn more about it below!


An elected position that entails keeping a detailed record of Students' Council meetings, filing them in proper form/maintaining them organized, setting up a directory of local media and press, and providing council write-ups for council. If you love English or you're proficient in it, this may be a role of interest to you... Learn more about it below!


A role that entails the organization and running of the Christmas Semi-Formal, coordinating the promotion and distribution of product/info, organizing student assemblies, and much more leadership duties! Read about them on the info package below!


Last but not least, the role of the President is a major role that requires the student to accept primary leadership within the Executive, Students' Council, and student body. Acts as a liaison between Council, Administration, or Staff. Coordinate the promotion and distribution of product information for the annual fundraiser. Much more is required, if you're interested in running, more on it below!