A traditional beginning of the year tradition at Notre Dame is the Gold Card sale: the promotion of exclusive events to students with a designated sticker on their student card. Gold Card Members enjoy access to extra out-of-uniform days, discounts on school spirit wear at the end of the month, and an N.D Spirit Shirt that can be worn on Spirit Wear Wednesdays.

Every student who purchases the ND Gold Card is entered into a weekly draw to win spirit prizes.  The presence of Covid-19 would be expected to turn students away from the fundraiser, but that was definitely not the case, with students maintaining their astounding numbers for Gold Card sales. Our Notre Dame Fighting Irish did not disappoint with their astounding support and spirit, one of the great qualities of the Notre Dame student body.

Sales are done for this year but keep an eye out next September, you won't want to miss out on those AWESOME DEALS AND PERKS!! Like the saying goes, "there's always a gold card at the end of the rainbow".

Written by: Victoria Smart