Hey ND! Multicultural Week is here, and we are more than excited to bring to the stage, the many cultures that Notre Dame has within, this will be your chance to either celebrate your own culture or learn from others. A week-long event brought to you by the Multicultural Club, Social Climate, and Student Council. This week entails many culturally diverse games, music, and food that will have you wanting more! We, the Student Council, have brought the food to this celebration, and so, here are the options that you will have available on May 25th during both lunches.

Tropical Fiesta

They represent the Caribbean gastronomy, bringing you many delights from main dishes, to snacks/side dishes and delicious drinks! You do NOT want to miss out on them! Ñom Ñom

Nacho Truck

A Mexican-inspired truck that puts a different twist on well-known classical dishes. The perfect types of dishes you'll want your table to share around! Ñom Ñom

The Green Machine

Your green and healthy choice bringing you wraps and smoothies! A delightful quick meal with a variety of smoothy flavours that you will love!

Johnny Rocco's

An Italian Grill bringing you different takes on the beloved pizza! Delicious combinations of well-known ingredients, that are at the core of Italian cuisine. Don't forget to drop by and get one or two pieces!

We have brought the BEST for you, and you will, without a doubt, leave with a full tummy! We cannot stress this enough but REMEMBER TO BRING YOUR WALLETS!!! You won't want to miss out on the chance to eat ethnically diverse food, especially when it is as easily accessible as food trucks!

We are super excited for you to enjoy such treats, and what the week has on hold for everyone. Thanks again to the hardworking team, it wouldn't have been possible without all the voices and working hands of the Multicultural Club, Social Climate, and Student Council.