Notre Dame Student’s Council has been a part of Notre Dame for many years now and are the people responsible for all the fun at ND! We plan most events the school has and we work hard to make sure everyone has a fun and memorable time during their 4 years at ND.

Notre Dame College School is a Catholic high school in Welland, Ontario with classes ranging from Grade 9 to Grade 12. The school was founded by the Holy Cross Fathers, a group of Roman Catholic priests who also founded the University of Notre Dame. In the early years of the establishment, tuition was levied to students attending the school; however, the institution is now completely publicly funded.

Notre Dame is currently the largest secondary school in the Niagara Region, with approximately 1300 students. All NCDSB elementary schools in the Welland and Pelham areas are considered to be feeder schools to Notre Dame.

The school has recently undergone several expansions, including the 2006 addition of a new wing, and the 2007 construction of a lobby and front office. The school also had a science and technology wing added in 1994. Currently the main gym is being expanded to include state of the art change rooms and a new workout area!

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